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At Campbell Real Estate Appraisals LTD, we’re honest about our appraisal work. As an Illinois family-owned company since 1986, the reputation of the Campbell family name is on the line each and every time we interact with a client. That knowledge ensures that we will always do our best to provide clients with the highest quality service and real estate appraisal. In a market where people are looking to get the most value for their dollar, it’s important to have an appraiser you can trust.


At Campbell Real Estate Appraisals LTD, we offer a number of appraisal services to our clients designed to fulfill your needs. Regardless of the type of transaction you are involved in, we can help. We provide the following:


If you’re refinancing the mortgage on your home hoping to take [...]


One of our most common requests involves the sale of residential [...]

Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan is based on the difference between the [...]


Maybe you just need a ball-park estimate on a piece of [...]


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  • We’re ethical.
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  • We give all Solutions.


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