Morton, IL

Morton, IL

Appraisals in Morton

Real estate appraisals are an important part of any real estate transaction in Morton, IL. Whether it’s the seller trying to get an accurate listing price, a buyer interested in knowing how much to pay, or a lender looking to insure its interest in a loan transaction, real estate appraisals are valuable to everyone involved. At Campbell Appraisals, we are happy to offer our services to Morton, IL and the surrounding areas.

Morton, IL

Real Estate Appraisals in Morton, IL

Appraisals look at a number of different factors to determine an accurate valuation for a property. Two methods – the sales comparison approach and cost approach – are widely used in the industry. While each differs in its calculations, the appraisals often end up at the same number.

Factors considered in a real estate appraisal include location, lot size, exterior condition, interior condition, extra features, improvements, reproduction costs, materials, depreciation, and similar properties.

What’s Included in a Real Estate Appraisal

A real estate appraisal includes specific information on the size and condition of the home, any serious issues regarding structural problems, an explanation for how the value was determined, an evaluation of recent market trends, maps, photographs, and more.

Morton, IL

Campbell Appraisals

At Campbell Appraisals, we are licensed and insured by the state of Illinois. We frequently interact with buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders to assist with real estate transactions. Many of our Morton, IL clients choose us for our integrity, honesty, and accuracy. Regardless of who the end client is, we make it our duty to provide the most accurate appraisal we possibly can.

We understand that an appraisal can determine the feasibility of a real estate transaction and take our job very seriously. In addition to offering appraisals to residents of Morton, IL, we service Peoria County, Tazwell County and Woodford County (including Peoria, IL, Pekin, IL, Washington, IL, and East Peoria, IL). Contact us today for more information!